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Business Improvement

The old moving the trolley with a hat is a nice one!!!

Chery Middle East

LOL...The captures are stunning!!!The man reading magazine is superb!!

Andrew Gould

The man reading and the other one in the medicine shop, looking straight at you are my favourites in this series, but all are little gems!


I discover your blog step by step... :)
This series is wonderful too, love those street portraits !! The closer you are, the better your photos are :)

dodong flores

Whether in the Philippines or in any other country, interesting shots as always...


Love those jars.
And you've managed to catch some great models again!


Incredible store front photos. Very interesting to see all the things being sold and the people.


love these street shots

Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful street portraits, gotta love the last image!

dong ho

great shots sid! you should be teaching me some techniques too.


our experience there on our trip, most vendors aren't too friendly =(


Another set of all amazing street shots . I love especially these with older people :)) BRAVO !


An interesting series showing the local people. I like the style of storage used by the vendors.


there sure are a lot of characters there to capture.. very nice shots.. :)


i find people of HK hard to photograph but you seem to take them with ease...or probably i'm just not a street photographer like you.

btw, my little one's pic's on my blog :P


Très belle série, mais ma favorite reste la première photo!


Jolies scènes : je préfère la deuxième ! Bonne journée.


Tous ces portraits sont plus authentiques et vivants les uns que les autres.
Bravo! c'est un régal cette façon de rapporter.


I like the shop shots very much. Very well framed and presented.

Otto K.

Excellent, Sidney. Particularly like that middle image.


Stunning street shots, Sidney. You are a pro at these!


great candid street shots of hk here as well as all of your framing!


Encore de très jolies scènes de rues.

Photo Cache

Another wonderful set. Sidney do you ask for permission before snapping? Well, I don't so I was wondering whether I should ask permission before hand :)

miss igorota

what's for sale? looks like a lot of dried stuff...anything good?

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